About Kipanya

Kipanya, a Swahili name which means mouse is a famous cartoon character which was created in 1993, date and month can hardly be remembered, probably this is because when he was created the creator never thought of him becoming such an icon to the readers thus it was not possible to keep the date and the month of his creation.

In his life Kipanya went through the evolution just like the way humans went through, he was firstly a normal mouse, then as years went by, he begun to walk using his two rear legs just like humans, then the wind of civilization swept through him and he started wearing cloths.

It was almost impossible for him to wear cloths with his tail wagging behind so the tail had to disappear as well! His hands and feet were also modified into those of human and he was like a human except for his head which had to remain the same so that he could be identified as a mouse.

That is how kipanya, the mouse who has existed for over twelve years in the newspapers constructively commenting mainly on politics came to this world which is full of injustice, corruption, diseases, war, crime, greed and all sorts of worries. Kipanya came to life during the second regime which was led by the former President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Alhaj Ali Hassan Mwinyi but that is not to say that the previous President, Julius Nyerere didn't feel the pinch of kipanya's existence as a political cartoon.

Kipanya ‘has been' to many state houses including the oval office which by then was being owned by Bill Clinton. Through his confidence kipanya has been the voice of the voiceless, everything has been touched by kipanya, and almost everybody has been touched by kipanya, he is funny outside but deep inside his seriousness is vividly seen in his daily activities as a cartoon that fearlessly digs deep into issues that affects the lives of many people.

Kipanya is a cartoon character that is intended to live forever, so should the creator die, someone else will continue the tradition of criticism with the intention of making the world a better place for all.

Kipanya has a family though it is rarely seen. His son ‘Malcolm' and his girlfriend occasionally appear in the news paper.

© 2005 All rights reserved by Masoud Kipanya